How Do You Create a Leadership Pipeline

How Do You Create a Leadership Pipeline? 

Do you have a succession plan in place for your organization? Read this article, “How Do You Create a Leadership Pipeline?,” to learn more about how to develop an outstanding talent pipeline and succession plan. Kim Turnage, Ph.D. will take you through the key questions - Who should we be looking to build a strong pipeline? How many individuals should be in our pipeline? How do we build a pipeline? Why is this important for my organization? - to discover who is responsible for developing your organization's future leaders. Simply fill out the short form to the right and you will receive an email with your copy of the article.


Kim Turnage How Do You Create a Leadership Pipeline
Kim Turnage, Ph.D. works as a Senior Leadership Consultant for Talent Plus, helping leaders select the best people, make the right investments in talent development and create talent-based succession plans that will ensure the future of their organizations.


“Creating a leadership pipeline requires identification and development of next-level leaders at all levels of the organization.” Kim Turnage, Ph.D.

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