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Download to Learn More!Many organizations say their people are their most important asset, yet few organizations “walk the talk.” Talent analytics is a significant stride toward taking that statement seriously – using big data, advanced analytics and interactive reporting to advance how organizations make better decisions about people.


The Talent Analytics Summit will showcase the power and promise of combining organizational science with new and emerging methods in data cleaning, blending, analysis and display to deliver revolutionary insights for your stakeholders.


Please join us either at Talent Plus in person or virtually as we explore the 'why' behind talent analytics.


Meet Our Presenters


Brett Wells

Dr. Brett Wells

Chief Research Officer

Ben Sievert

Dr. Benjamin Sievert

Senior Research Consultant

Karl Giuseffi

Dr. Karl Giuseffi

Senior Research Consultant

Fran Westfall

Fran Westfall

Director, Technology
Solutions Consultants

Don Tomlinson

Don Tomlinson

Chief Information Officer

Christian Zoucha

Christian Zoucha

Product Manager


Who should attend?
We are inviting individuals interested in the field of HR Analytics and who have strong critical thinking, active learning and communication talents to visit our Corporate Office in Lincoln, Nebraska, or to attend virtually from your office, to discover first-hand the science behind our HR Analytics. Take a look at the day's 

When is the next event?
April 20, 2017

How much does it cost?
Rate: $150/person


Pricing includes learning sessions, lunch, materials and a networking reception at the end of the day. The price does not include transportation or lodging but we are happy to help you arrange these needs once you have registered.


As an added value to the Talent Analytics experience, you can register for our “Ask a Researcher” Workshop prior to your visit. Engage in a 30-minute pre-summit conversation with one of our Senior Research Consultants to discuss a current business challenge. Please inquire about this option during your registration confirmation call.

What if I still have questions?
We'd love to speak with you and answer any questions you have. Please reach out at 
talentanalytics@talentplus.com or 1.800.VARSITY. 

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