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Mark Bertsche

Mark Bertsche, M.S.M.

Leadership Consultant

Abby Christensen

Abby Christensen, M.A.

Leadership Consultant

Dr. Maribel Cruz

Maribel Cruz, Ph.D.

Leadership Consultant

Annie Managaro

Anne Manganaro, M.S.

Leadership Consultant


Taylor McMaster

Taylor McMaster, M.A.

Leadership Consultant


Dr. Scott C. Whiteford

Scott Whiteford, Ph.D.

Leadership Consultant


Kelli Wood

Kelli Wood, M.A.

Leadership Consultant



At Talent Plus ®, our executive coaching is unique in that it is based on our research for over 25 years of top-performing executives. We have expansive knowledge of the many different ways leaders express their distinct talent in order to achieve success. We customize our coaching to help participants optimize their strengths in order to meet their needs and goals. Rather than trying to “fix” the executive, we focus on leveraging their strengths while mitigating their softer talents. Because we have a profound understanding of their talent from the onset of the coaching engagement, we are able to get off to a running start. As such, the length of our basic coaching engagement is shorter than most programs but equally, if not more, effective.


What We're Hearing


“Overall, I found the interaction with you to be very valuable. The beauty of an external ‘coaching’ partner is that you can really be open about challenges and growth opportunities, which I felt was true in my interaction with you. I appreciated your approach, which often included an exercise or activity to tackle before our next discussion…You encouraged me to develop a more personal interaction with my team members. I have made progress in this regard and I have also learned that I will always need to be deliberate in doing so. Having an open door is great, but only if people are comfortable walking through the door…”

  • Lisa Marshall

Associate Vice President, Major Gifts – Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

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