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What is Leadership Plus

This year-long, dynamic leadership development program equips leaders with a cohort-based experience that stretches them toward their true leadership potential. Participants will come together four times throughout the year for intensive learning sessions. Leaders in this program will accelerate their growth through focusing on:

  • Personal Leadership Brand:Leadership Plus
    Take advantage of our premier science to learn more about your talents and how to leverage your strengths to create optimal work environments.
  • Team Dynamics:
    Explore and establish best practices for building a high-performing, engaged team.
  • The Organization:
    How to build cultures of engagement which employees and customers are the most valued stakeholders.
  • Your Legacy:
    What values and strengths do you bring to the workplace today? Develop a vision for the legacy you want to leave and the impact you will make in the future.

This interactive, residential, cohort-based format is designed for the high-impact, high-potential leaders in your organization. View our FAQs or the brochure above for more information.

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We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at leadershipplus@talentplus.com or 1.800.VARSITY.

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